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Black Friday Specials 2017

Concrete should not be left out of the holiday gift giving events! BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS go thru Nov 30th. Don't miss out on saving big dollars on the best Decorative Concrete Supplies available.   While supplies last - no rain checks.

Ultrathane - A single componant, water-based alipahtic urethane that makes for a great semi-gloss, durable finish on both your indoor and outdoor projects. It provides excellent resistance to water, alkali, acids, UV Light, and stains. This product will darken the surface slightly with a medium gloss. 5 gl pail.               Reg $219   Special $199

Stampsheen(350) - The standard in acrylic sealers.  Pure U.S MMA acrylic resin in a proprietary solvent blend to give you good penetration and long lasting protection.  Don't stick with a sealer that gives you problems.  Fewer headaches, less cost.  5 gl pail,  Regular or low VOC   Reg $110/$120   Special $95/$105

Cure Seal - One fantastic cure and seal.  This low solids, deep penetrating acrylic is crosslinked to a silcone resin for great protection against salt and other chemicals.  Nice satin sheen can also serve as the final finish.   Low VOC.  5 gl      Reg $100    Special $90   

Floorshield - Floor Shield is a water based, penetrating color guard and polished floor protector to be used on polished and densified concrete surfaces.  It is not a topical wax, but a unique surface treatment used to help reduce soiling stains from setting into your polished floors. The ultra low VOC formula contains a blend of colloidal silica to further harden your floor while applying an even layer of an ultra thin resinous coating for protection.  Reg $100    Special $75

C CleanerSurface prep is always key when it comes to decorative projects. We have not found a better cleaner that this product.  This is truly a professional grade cleaner for your concrete. This concentrated, economical cleaner is the solution to cleaning needs. Environmentally safe, non-toxic, citrus-based cleaner. Made from natural and organic ingredients. Removes grease, oil, tar, and most rubber marks from concrete surfaces. Great for wood decks and pavers too!  Concentrated for industrial use. 5 gl.       Reg $89   Special  $69

Concrete Stamps - Walttools concrete stamps are the already the lowest cost in the marketplace.  Special is your choice of a pail of Accent Release or Tru Tique color wash with the purchase of any set of stamps 8 piece or larger.  

Tru Kast Countertop Mix - Tru Kast is a pre blended, all in one, high strength castable concrete counter top mix designed for creation of concrete countertops and furniture. Tru Kast offers the very best graded blend of aggregates, Portland cement and proprietary admixtures to insure no curl, shrink or deformation.  The use of a specialized acrylic fiber network and ultra low water addition make Tru Kast White the perfect choice for both your precast and cast-in-place designs. This is a graded sand aggregate only mix, nothing large. This is quite possibly the easiest countertop mix to work with on the market!  Gray or White 50 lb bags             Reg $26/28      Special $19/20

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