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​Building Hygienic Properties Using Concrete Floors

epoxy bathroomAs a contractor, you can certainly expand your business and do the world a lot of good by learning how to build sustainable and hygienic properties. An excellent way to do this is by using green concrete products and epoxy concrete coatings that will look fantastic while also providing a healthy, germ-free environment.

The Center for Sustainable Development has reported on a program in Mexico that has been installing concrete floors within the homes of hundreds of thousands of disadvantage families. After the floors were installed, these families saw a drastic reduction in pest infestations, 81% fewer children suffered from anemia, and there was a significant improvement in cognitive development in children.

Using Decorative Concrete Products in Your Home

While epoxy concrete coatings can provide monumental benefits to families where the alternative option is a dirt floor, families in any area – advantaged or disadvantaged – can see significant health benefits from these flooring systems.

Decorative concrete floors can be sealed using non-toxic concrete sealers, which create a completely seamless and smooth floor that will resist moisture and bacteria. Unlike other floors, which provide many crevices and fibers for bacteria and parasites to cling to, there is no place for these contaminants to hide when green concrete products and sealers have been used to cover the floor.

Concrete Floors Can Be Hygienic and Stylish

You might be thinking that, while the health benefits sound great, you do not want a dull, gray concrete floor in your home. You do not have to. Decorative concrete supplies allow you to create a designer floor using textured concrete stamps and concrete dyes.

It is possible to treat your floor with a concrete stain and then apply a sealer or epoxy coating to the surface, making it appear as if you hired the best masonry expert in town to install your floor. Patterned concrete mats can also be used to create floors or walls that look as if they are made from wood, tile, natural stone and many other high-end materials.

Choosing the Sustainable and Healthy Option

Epoxy concrete coatings and non-toxic concrete sealers are responsible building choices for many reasons. Thanks to their resistance to moisture and bacteria, they can slow or stop the spread of infections. They are also a very sustainable and environmentally friendly building choice, as green concrete products are extremely durable, will last many, many years, and will require very little maintenance.

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