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Get Outside and Onboard the Outdoor Kitchen Craze

Outdoor kitchens are not something “new” and, in fact, have been around far longer than indoor kitchens. If you recall, when people were having their wooly mammoth roasts, just after the dinosaurs, it was not likely indoors...maybe a cave at best. It took a very, very long time before cooking became commonplace indoors, and now, there is a big push to return cooking to its roots, the great outdoors. There is one caveat though, we want the same civility we have come to enjoy from our indoor kitchens.

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Backyard grilling has always been a mainstay of summertime, but now we are seeing that rusty old grill replaced by fully functional cooking stations that become the focal point and extension of one’s indoor entertainment space. Today’s outdoor kitchens have changed dramatically in the last decade and can be created in many budget ranges. Unfortunately bigger and bolder usually means a busted budget. You can always use the stacked paver systems if you are okay with the same thing your neighbors have. Even the prebuilt packages available online provide little in the way of design or finish options.

If you really want a custom look kitchen with freedom of appliances, your choice in surface top, and not need a mortgage, look no further than the Walttools modular panel system.

This innovative lightweight concrete panel system allows you to set up a custom kitchen in a weekend that will certainly help make your backyard be the talk of the neighborhood.

Building a stone style outdoor kitchen with a granite, slate top or concrete top can be quite expensive using conventional methods. With the Walttools modular panels, you get that look without the extensive time and labor. You can put that labor cost savings toward the appliance budget.

The simplicity is in the precast cut stone panels. They are made in two sizes and allow you to configure most any shape you want. In an hour or two you can make your appliance cutouts where you like and either install a natural surface top or form up and pour a concrete countertop. They can be placed on any sound patio, even wood decks in some cases.

Is it permanent? Yes and no. They can be constructed both ways. The larger designs would be considered permanent, although they could be disassembled and rebuilt especially if they were completed with a top such as granite or slate. The smaller islands can be built on a pre-made frame and moved around intact if you insist on mobility.

Whether you want a small grill island or a full three-sided kitchen with a raised bar, this clever system can help allow you to achieve that far easier than you expected. They are available in predetermined package designs or as individual panels, both with or without appliances, and can ship right to your door for your assembly. It’s time to get your grilling clothes on!

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 If you choose appliances thru Contractor Source, we support two excellent, high-quality lines. Coyote and Delta Heat.  Either has a great selection of everything you may need for your outdoor cooking dreams. If you do not find what you need, let us know so we can track it down for you.

For a video to see how to assemble one of these kitchens, check out this You Tube video

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