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soaring eagle dye n seal 11 It is certainly true that using decorative concrete can lead to easier, faster, and more affordable installations than when working with other materials. However, this does not mean that contractors can afford to be sloppy or disordered with their work.

There are best practices that must be followed when using rubber concrete stamps to create high-quality designs on surfaces. When proper techniques are followed, this can be a very successful process. If proper techniques are not followed, the concrete can turn into a disaster zone.

garagepaintwithchipsThere are homeowners and business owners everywhere who are embarrassed by the state of their concrete surfaces. Concrete that has seen a lot of foot traffic or has been used in garages can become cracked, stained, and eroded over the years. Fortunately, epoxy concrete coatings can provide a solution.

As a contractor, you can provide high-quality and much needed services to your clients if you are able to make their concrete surfaces look better than they did when they were installed. Decorative concrete materials give you that opportunity.

coast mountain sports edmontonConcrete coatings are not just being used for industrial purposes any longer. They are growing in demand among many commercial property owners and homeowners, as well. It is easier to understand this growing trend when you consider the many design possibilities that come with using epoxy concrete coatings and other decorative concrete coatings and supplies.

cracked concreteWe all know the saying and most of us probably will step a little further just to avoid hurting dear mom. When it comes to decorative or stamped concrete, pride and expectations are often hurt more when unsightly cracks appear. Cracks in a decorative surface tend to send ugly signals that tell people “stamped concrete cracks.” Being true in a sense, as with almost any concrete, proper planning along with setting customer expectations will help a lot. Despite the choice of pavers providing a longer list of eventual unsightly issues, concrete cracks are the biggest push people feel when making that decision to avoid decorative concrete.

img 0968What is an Acid Stain?

Just as the name implies, acid concrete stains use acids to etch and help transform the color of concrete. Either phosphoric acid or hydrochloric acid will be used, in addition to metallic salts, to cause chemical reactions in the surface of the concrete. These chemical reactions cause changes in the color of the concrete that cause the surface to look like natural stone or marble, which makes this a favored method among designers and homeowners.

epoxy bathroomAs a contractor, you can certainly expand your business and do the world a lot of good by learning how to build sustainable and hygienic properties. An excellent way to do this is by using green concrete products and epoxy concrete coatings that will look fantastic while also providing a healthy, germ-free environment.

The Center for Sustainable Development has reported on a program in Mexico that has been installing concrete floors within the homes of hundreds of thousands of disadvantage families. After the floors were installed, these families saw a drastic reduction in pest infestations, 81% fewer children suffered from anemia, and there was a significant improvement in cognitive development in children.

coloring poolThose looking to distinguish their homes can’t go wrong with concrete. Though many of us think of it as such a basic material, the truth is that there are many options for using concrete in a number of beautiful ways. A concrete stain is just one of many ways you can beautify the outside or interior of your home. If you’re not familiar with the process, keep reading for more information.

brick pattern patioIf you are thinking about putting in a concrete slab or floor, you may have considered using stamps to add a certain amount of style. But with so many options to choose from, picking the right one can be a daunting task. Many popular varieties come from Brickform stamps. Perhaps you’ve heard of them. Well there’s also another version known as Brickform compatible stamps. If you’re considering Brickform stamps, you’ll want to keep reading to learn about this other variety as well.

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