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The Tru Tex Decorative Vertical concrete system is a complete system that consists of the most unique and economical vertical overlay mixes on the market, the largest line of specially designed texturing tools, and the world's best natural stains.

The Tru Tex system provides the complete package for virtually any project, big or small.  Designed for both residential and commercial projects, indoors and out, stamped or hand-carved, tropic or tundra, this system can help bring your visions to life.

Tru Pac Vertical Mixes

Walttools unique approach to high performance decorative vertical mixes has allowed more artisans to venture into this craft more than any other mix on the market.  By creating highly specialized admixture pacs - Tru Pacs - that the user can combine with standard locally obtained mortar mixes, the end result is a large econonical batch of highly workable, ultra versatile, carveable vertical mix. Tru Pac vertical comes in two flavors depending on your taste.  Tru Pac V is our original lightweight vertical carving mix that boasts the longest working time in all of vertical.  It is designed to be placed 1-4 inches thick and carved, carved and carved. Anywhere you want thick, bold rockwork, Tru Pac V is your choice. It combines with common Type N mortar mix.
Tru Pac X is the ultimate in versatility. Designed to be a multi-use mix, it is placed on from under 1/2 inch up to 4 inches.  It is highly carveable and easy to quickly stamp.  Other uses range from low trafic overlayment, furniture, boulder creation, poolscapes,  concrete countertops and patch repair. Its proprietery resin and fiber loading give it excellent properties on a multitude of surfaces. X combines with Type S mortar.


Tru Pac Vertical Mixes are are applied by simply throwing it on, hawk and trowel or a high quality mortar sprayer. From there it is lightly troweled out using a pool trowel. It can be stamped in minutes or be the canvas for carved design work.


The Tru Tex line of texture tools has no peer. It is an extensive array ofslate.jpg textured roller sleeves, skins, hand stamps(trowels), and jointing tools designed to allow the artisan to create a unique and custom surface every time. By using the various types of tools thru stages of the project it is easy to transform the soft, troweled Tru Pac mix into a 3D creation mimicing the craftwork of mother nature. There is also a choice of Tru Tex Vertical stamps in favorite designs


A vertical concrete coloring system should be invisible.  By that we mean providing the final tranformation of your job requires a color system that does not look like a system at all.  You should just see the most natural, unassuming hues and tones found in nature.  With Walttools Tru Tint, that is exactly what you get.  They are by far the easiest, safest, most real looking colors found in a walttools-tru-tint-wb-decor.jpgstaining system.  They are extremely hardy to boot.  Uv resistant to fade and quite durable once cured.


Tru Block by Walttools was designed exclusively for the vertical concrete industry.  Sealing a recreation of natural materials should not be seen and that is meant literally.  Tru Block is an ultra low VOC, water based proprietery formulated sealer which provides both penetrating water repellancy and topical protection which helps longer preserve colors subject to surface wear. It's active componants are designed for longterm weather durability and protection.


As easy and complete Tru Tex vertical is as a system, your work is only as good as the ability, heart and thought you put into it.  Learning the vertical craft is a rewarding endeavor and worth the time and effort.  Contractor Source recommends the most comprehensive training resource available in the industry.  That is becoming a member of Vertical Artisans.  As a paid member you have access to the training and skills offered by the very best in this craft in a format that anybody can grasp. Memberships are available right thru Contractor Source.

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