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platt ashler1The look of an acid stained concrete surface is attractive for many reasons. Its unique finish characteristics are such that the uneven, ugliness of plain concrete becomes the star of the show. Acid stain will not mask, nor cover imperfections in the concrete, but it will use transform them into something quite attractive. Though professional skills may result in a more professional look, the artistic nature of the process allows the handy DIY’er to achieve a most satisfying look just the same. Just follow some necessary principals and behold the results. Keep in mind this is merely an overview and not detailed instructions. For best results, always reach out to a qualified decorative contractor in your area for your job. Let the experts handle it so you can best enjoy the results.

8in on my patioBorder stamping rollers from Walttools are the perfect decorative tool to set your work apart from the competition.  Borders can add color, texture, and dimension to many types of concrete surfaces.  Some common uses include jazzing up an otherwise un-inspiring plain gray slab, providing a more decorative aspect to control joints or pour breaks, or putting the final touch on a stamped masterpiece.  Stamped borders really set your work off and walttools stamped border rollers make a tough job far easier. Here is an overview of using a border roller:

Overview on Stamped Concrete Process


     Why stamped concrete? Stamped decorative concrete is an attractive and economical alternative to natural pavers or just plain poured concrete. A stamped concrete patio can give you the look and texture of a stone patio for a lot less money than the real thing; sometimes less than half the cost of the natural material alternatives such as slate

stamped concrete

epoxy floor installationAn Overview of the Installation Process for Epoxy Concrete Coatings

Epoxy concrete coatings are making big waves in many different circles. Not only do the largest industrial factories want these surfaces supporting their equipment, but homeowners want these decorative concrete coatings installed in their garages and workshops.

So, how do you go about installing an epoxy concrete floor?

concrete contractorAs decorative concrete becomes more popular and decorative concrete products become more innovative, an increasing number of concrete contractors have come onto the scene hoping to capitalize on this trend. Unfortunately, not all of them have the skills and experience to produce the attractive, high performance surfaces that you want.

So, how do you find the contractor that is right for your job?

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