Modular Precast Panels

Turning your backyard or patio into a chef's paradise is easier than ever thanks to Walttools’ modular panel system. Building an outdoor kitchen using traditional construction can take weeks and comes with the high cost of labor. However, constructing an outdoor kitchen using this all modular precast panel system can take as little as a day. This could reduce budgets by 50% allowing this outdoor living space to become a reality for many more clients. This patented panel system of lightweight concrete panels allows for many stock configurations as well as the ability to create a full custom design.  This system works in unity with your choice of outdoor appliances and countertop materials, including granite, stone and the the Z Counterform countertop forming system which gives you many options for edge profile looks.

The interlocking panels are 32” tall and 4” deep.  They are made using a poly-concrete hybrid design and weigh a fraction of what solid concrete would weigh. The magic is in the dimensions. Panels interlock both in linear and perpendicular fashion making set up a breeze. They can be handled easily and currently come in two lengths, 48” and 32”. This provides flexibility in your design and allows for a multitude of configurations.  Each size offers two variations to ensure a varied look. The panels slide together and are secured with an internal insert that will hold them in place.  Cut-outs for appliances are easily made with a skill saw according to the plans provided. 

Once the base is set up, you can install your top surface, or pour your own. Once the countertop is complete, a final tuck pointing is done to the seams where the panels join and panels are stained to the final look desired. Total custom look in far less time.

Single stone Lugs are used to fill in the open slots when panel are not interconnected or left open when cuts are made for appliances. They are available in both the 10" and 8" sizes.  They are simply mortared into place.

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The modular panels are not just for kitchens.  They can be used in a variety of ways such as table bases, seatwalls, and stone wainscotting to name a few.  Once you realize the versatility and speed of using the panels, the sky is the limit.

Watch the tutorial below to see just how simple this is.


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