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Tru Tique Concete Color Wash

tru tique applicationAntiquing agent, or color wash, is applied to stamped or textured concrete surfaces that are unsealed to provide a secondary color to the surface that mimics traditional antique release agents. This will provide a great deal of enhancement on textured surfaces. These pigments tend to enhance grout lines and stamped impressions with less emphasis on the base color of the higher points of the texture. Tru Tique Antiquing Agent will work with concrete, overlayment and microtoppings. Walttools Tru Tique Color Wash is water-based and very easy to use. Tru Tique is also the best choice for rejuvenating existing textured surfaces that have faded over time.  When all older sealer is removed, you apply according to the instructions, let it dry and you can then reseal the surface with your chosen Walttools sealer product such as Heal and Seal Deco 2k and your surface is as good as new.

How to use Tru Tique Concrete Antiquing Agent is quite simple:

Thoroughly clean the concrete surface before applying Tru Tique. Any existing sealer must be removed if being used on older concrete surfaces. The surface should be free from all sealers, dirt, oil, paint, moss, dust, and other contaminates. Though etching is usually not necessary, bear in mind that the preferred surface is similar to that when applying concrete sealer. We recommend dampening the surface before you apply the Tru Tique especially in hotter weather since since the hot concrete surface will absorb and dry the material quickly. Pour one gallon of clean water into a 5-gallon pail, add 1, 2, or 3 scoops (up to 6 ounces) of Tru Tique powder to the water and mix briskly, making sure all powder is dissolved in the bucket. The more mix you add, the more intense the pigment. Add the mix to a pump sprayer that has a large tip opening and apply evenly over the entire surface. If you do not have a sprayer with an adequate tip you may also use something as simple as a garden watering can. You will need to continuously shake the sprayer to minimize settling of the mixture. A large push broom is often used to help move the product uniformly over the surface. If no broom is available and heavy puddles occur, you can remove the excess with a wet sponge. Once it dries and you see what you have, re-wetting and brushing with a broom can be used to remove material from high spots thereby increasing the contrast of the surface. Once complete allow the Tru Tique wash to dry for 12-24 hours and seal with your favorite Walttools Sealer.

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