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WBU application photoConcrete is the material of choice for floors, foundations, drives, patios, roads, and walks. This is for a good reason. Concrete is very economical compared to other materials, and, unlike other materials, it can hold up to the elements and harsh treatment. The fact that concrete can be poured and finished to resemble almost anything imaginable makes it a unique and useful construction material. Even though concrete is king of construction materials, it is vulnerable to continuous abrasion, harsh chemicals (ie. acids), staining due to the porous nature, deicing salts, and frequent freeze-thaw environments. Many cementitious decorative treatments such as stains (even acid stains) or other decorative concrete topical applications can degrade without the proper protection.

A protective coating from Walttools can give your concrete the protection it needs to keep it looking good for many years. Besides protection, a good concrete coating can enhance the look of a finished surface. For example, darkening and adding color depth, highlighting or enhancing colors, adding gloss for lighting effects, etc. can be done with concrete coatings. A concrete coating applied properly creates a smoother surface that repels moisture and is much easier to clean. The cleaner the floor or concrete countertop is, the more sanitary it is. So, in a nutshell, concrete coatings make concrete more durable, protect decorative features, enhances the look, and make it easier to maintain.

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