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Most people do not find concrete that is straight out of wall forms very attractive because it is plain, boring, and drab to look at. On the contrary, most people enjoy color and texture on concrete walls. As long as that holds true, all of us in the decorative concrete industry may have a job. The imperfections in a smooth wall created by formwork or voids end up adding character to a decorative concrete wall.

It would be nice if we could simply strip the forms off of a wall pour early and simply stamp the impressions in the concrete like we do with flatwork. Unfortunately, the nature of concrete just will not allow that to happen. Proper concrete form liners allow you to fill concrete formwork and remove the forms later to unveil a beautifully textured surface. Walttools has a large variety of step liners, countertop or coping liners, wall form liners, concrete column liners, and concrete fire pit form liners to fit these needs.

Many concrete form liners are made out of polyethylene or ABS plastic that is produced by a vacuum forming process. These materials makes cheaper liners but many don’t last more than 1-3 pours. The other inherent problem with the vacuum-formed sheets is their lack of detail. Lack of detail in a concrete form liner creates textures that do not express any realism and look quite fake and/or unattractive. On the other hand, a highly detailed urethane liner turns a wall or fire pit into a realistic work of art. The Walttools design team consists of masons, concrete finishers, and engineers with decades of experience. This experience allows us to bring you simply the most meticulously designed and exceptional liners on the market today.

Form liners are used in many different applications. Concrete form inserts are used in the precast industry. Architectural concrete panels and spandrel beams for buildings are often cast using form liners and integral color. Precast sound wall barriers are increasing poured with a wall liner to impart a pleasing architectural finish. Even some of the precast panels around bridges, slopes, and walls have some decorative concrete features. Many municipalities are budgeting funds for decorative concrete, as this is a long-term method of making areas look more desirable. Tilt-up panels like you see on large stores or warehouses are incorporating decorative concrete form liners into the finished product more and more.

There are numerous cast-in-place concrete applications for form liners. Concrete retaining walls are a big use for concrete wall form inserts. Concrete home foundations are a good place to use wall form liners. If textured, the exposed concrete outside or the interior basement walls surely add value to a home. Thickened edges of slabs, like a patio or garage slab, where part of it is exposed is another great place to use a concrete form insert. Step liners for stair risers add a rich finished look to any concrete porch or set of stairs. Concrete fire pits have become increasingly popular too. Walttools manufactures several wall form liners for fire pits to create attractive circle fire pits and square fire pits.

Copings or concrete countertop inserts are the smallest vertical liners. They are used to create natural or architectural shaped edges for concrete counters, or to build step or wall caps. Using Integral Color along with various concrete stains is the most common way to impart color and variance into the wall or structure.

The team at Walttools enjoys custom projects. If you don’t see the liner that meets your needs, call us at 1(888) 263-5895 for a quote on your specialized form liner.

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