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Seamless-aka garage floor coating-flooring can be placed using a number of different resins depending on the desired outcome and look of the floor.  Different resin systems have different properties and by using the proper types of materials, you can get your floor just the way you want it. Our resins include:

Essential Primer is a tenacious bonding, ultra low viscosity epoxy primer that can be use for any of the base resins. A great moisture barrier and a must for any seamless flooring project

Epoxy HP is a workhorse epoxy designed for using media such as chips, quartz and metallics.  It has an extended potlife for easier install. It is the basis for most garage floor coatings.

Polykoat 85 is a high solids polysapartic great as a base resin for broadcast material or as decorative sealer.  The extended potlife makes this so much more usable than competitive products, yet still provides a much faster turnaround that other traditiional resin materials.

AU8 85 is a high solids aliphatic urethane used primarily as a long wearing topcoat for decorative seamless flooring.

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