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Seamless floors such as epoxy floors are highly-durable and used in a wide array of situations including as garage floor coatings, office fooors, manufacturing locations, gyms, clinics, auto showrooms, residential spaces, bars, restaurants, and the list goes on. AU 85 chip garage small                                        

While they were originally used for their durability they can also be very inviting and easy to maintain in residential settings thus are found used often as garage floor coatings, basements, kitchens, and main living areas. One of the most appealing aspects is the smooth "monolithic" look they offer. No joints, no edges. Seamless floors can be installed in a wide variety of colors and dramatic finishes. When combined with Walttools Tru Lustre metallic pigments, they are nothing short of artwork. Other options are vivid solid colors, colorful vinyl chips, and sublime colored quartz surfaces.

Why choose seamless flooring?

  • No joints - Can go room to room.
  • Durable - Can shows less wear than actual concrete.
  • Decorative - Solid colors, chips, quartz, metallics, or any combination.
  • Chemical Resistance - Protected from common spills and stains.
  • Sanitary - No pores for bacterial and dirt buildup.
  • Easy maintainence - Grime and dirt stays only of surface to be cleaned away.

Common resins used for seamless flooring are epoxy primers, epoxies, polyaspartics, and urethanes. These are commonly referred to the resins. The decorative component options are vinyl chips, colored quartz, metallics, and mica.


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