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Seamless Skins

heavy Quarry stoneIf you’re looking for a way to add subtle texture to your new concrete, a seamless concrete stamp may be your best choice. Seamless skin concrete stamps, or concrete texture skins, provide continuous natural stone textures on your surface without leaving a pattern as with concrete stamps. As a result, your surface will end up looking like one large stone plateau. Seamless texture skins are becoming more common every day on driveways, patios, pool decks, and interior surfaces due to their ease of use compared to their stamp pattern counterparts, and the easy way they fit into the look of most hardscape environments. You can mimic the looks of slate, stone, wood grain, even the sea floor.

One benefit of using seamless skin patterns is that installation time is quicker than with regular patterned concrete stamps. Aligning texture skins is easier and does not require  precise placement, allowing installation to be quite fast. This is due to their large surface area, flexibility, and feathered edges. Walttools texture tools are made from a high-quality urethane with outstanding durability. Many contractors then use decorative saw cuts to create a pattern into the base seamless texture to help break up the expanse. The large sections of textured stone may then be colored with various concrete stains for a more custom look.

Seamless Texture skins will have built-in handles except the smallest for touch-up skin. They are available in sizes ranging from 4x4 feet down to 15 inches.

Creating a beautifully textured concrete patio, driveway, or pool deck starts with the best seamless skins, but this type of project requires more. A specific combination of tools and products go into producing the end result. Walttools has all the related items  including concrete finishing tools, concrete stains and colorants, concrete sealers and concrete overlay materials to produce beautiful concrete patterns

How to Use Seamless Concrete Skins: 

Start by placing a skin on the slab. Tamp the texture into the surface, avoiding the last 2 inches near the edge to avoid harder lines. Place the next skin down alongside the first, overlapping about 4 inches. Tamp that skin in the same way, avoiding the last two inches. Add a third skin on an adjacent side and repeat, working your way across the slab. You can carefully peel up an edge (about a third of the skin) to check and be sure you are getting a good impression. If not, make needed adjustments to tamping pressure. As you work across the slab, you can look for any missed spots and just use the smaller 2x2 foot skin for touch ups.

How to Use Seamless Skins Video  Seamless Skins Photo Gallery

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