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Color Paks Integral Color Powder Pigment

Concrete integral color is also known as concrete pigment, concrete dye, or even cement color. Concrete color powder in these color packs are made to make it easy to color bagged concrete products such as concrete countertop mixes, vertical mixes, overlayment and microtoppings. In addition it can be used to color other cement based materials such as mortoar, grout, stucco and other concrete products you get a local home improvement stores.

These colors are packaged in 2 oz or 4 oz quantities which are intended to give you the same approximate results as the per yard loading shown in the picture when used with a single 50 lb bag of most Walttools preblended gray, cement based materials. As you can see, the raw pigment is much different than the expected finished concrete product.  That is because it is only a small amount of pigment used to acheive the color. Using double the quantity per bag will also provide a more concentrated color effect the closer approaches the color of the raw pigment shown. Maximum loading for any pigment is 16 oz per 50 lb bag. NOTE, loading 16 OZ per 50 lb bag mix will be the closest to the actual raw pigment in the finished product. Meaning if using the pigment Desert, the bagged loading will give you a pale brown.  By adding more pigment you will get closer and closer to a dark brown.  At 16 ounces total, the final prodict will be a very dark brown.


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