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Ultra Thane 1000 (1 gal) SLR-ULTHN1GL

ultra-thane-1000-1-gallon-walttoolsUltra Thane 1000 (1 gal)ultra_thane_1000_applicationultrathane_james_terrell_1380827141
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$59.00 each Weight: 10 lb

Tru Matte Universal Matting Agent
TI Tru Grip Sealer Additive (16 oz)

Ultra Thane 1000 is a single-component, water-based, ailphatic urethane made for both indoor and outdoor use on concrete, overlayment, and microtoppings. Ultra Thane 1000 is low VOC and designed to be used alone or as a finish coat over epoxy or similar coatings for increased wearability. It displays excellent resistance to water, alkali, acids, UV Light, and stains. This product will darken the surface slightly with a medium gloss. Ultra Thane 1000 is the premier thin (2 mil) coating for ease and durability. Its quick dry time allows for fast recoating and return to use. The high performance of this clear coat provides the durability of a solvent-based system with the ease and safety of a low VOC (under 100g/L) water-based system. Unlike most polyurethanes (that aren't moisture tolerant), Ultra Thane 1000 has effective properties related to vapor permeability that allows it to be used outdoors.

For interior coatings this may be one of the easiest, user-friendly sealers on the market. The low VOC rating makes it usable in nearly all states in the United States. Professional installers can generate LEED points. For the DIYer, the low odor level and easy, roll-on application makes it an easy choice. It is the best interior concrete sealer available these days.

Ultra Thane 1000 will make a good coating on vertical surfaces because of its properties against graffiti.

At full cure, this is a hard- and long-wearing surface.

TYPICAL USES: Basements, warehouses, foyers, kennels, restaurant floors, stores, concrete countertops, brick hearths, some tile, or almost any surface that needs an abrasion-resistant. low-mil coating.       

  • 1 gallon coverage is approximately 250 sq ft/gallon
  • Can even be tinted for a one step finish such as for a garage or workshop floor
  • Best results come from two or three light applications
  • Water cleanup
  • Dries in an hour or so; usable cure in 24-48 hrs, full cure in 7 days
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This has become our go to dye and seal product. It has a nice mellow sheen and is really easy to apply with a microfiber applicator. We do 2-3 light coats and that's it. We have found it does take 5-7 days to really cure hard but it holds up well in residential settings.
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