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"C" Etch | Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable Concrete Etcher & Dissolver (5 gallon) TI-CACL5

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$72.00 each Weight: 50 lb
Brand: Walttools Walttools

Walttools "C" Etch is a concentrated, environmentally safe, biodegradable, concrete etcher, and dissolver for profiling concrete surfaces prior to application of certain concrete stains, sealers, and other cementitious coatings, as well as removing cementitious deposits from tools and unintended surfaces without damage. "C" Etch is not a traditional acid and is non-fuming. It is formulated to be used both interior and exterior. It is a commercial grade, concentrated formula that is diluted with water depending on the application. The VOC complaint formula is good for North America. It has a pleasant citrus scent that is not considered harsh by most users.
  • Etches concrete quickly to a profile great for stains and sealers
  • Safer on skin than muriatic acid
  • Great for safely cleaning concrete tools
  • Cleaning vinyl and wood home siding
  • Etch concrete countertops before sealing
  • Effective coverage varies based on dilution rate
  • 5 gallon pail
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I use this to get a warehouse floor ready for staining and it worked very good. Water barely soaked in before this stuff. Now the floor feels like mild sandpaper and the stains went on nicely. Very recommended.
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