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Kraft 18 inch Spike Roller for Epoxy and Overlayment KR-GG618

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$94.00 each Weight: 10 lb
Brand: Bon Tool Bon Tool

Standard Spike Roller Roll out the air bubbles in epoxy coatings and self-leveling material to leave the perfect finish. The Spiked Roller features 1-1/4 in. long spikes. The 18 in. durable nylon roller is on long, lightweight aluminum frame designed with clearance of the spikes to avoid contact. The two-sided frame applies even pressure across the length of the roller. The frame accepts broom thread handles for an extended reach. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Roll out air bubbles in epoxy coatings and self-leveling material
  • Each spike measures 1-1/4" long
  • 3 lbs
  • Roller on frame
  • 18 inches
  • Not Included - Use with Broom Thread Handle or Adapter


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