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Sandalwood | Colored Quartz Granule Blend (50 lb bag) WT-E130

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$38.00 each Weight: 50 lb

WT QUARTZ is a decorative flooring system consisting of a moisture vapor tolerant primer/basecoat, a colored quartz aggregate broadcast layer and a durable topcoat finish. This durable quartz system provides heavy-duty protection in a floor that is just as striking as it is strong. WT Quartz is available in a variety of colors to compliment any environment. Most colors are also UV-resistant allowing them for outdoor use as well as indoors. The finished floors are very non porous and are low skid. They also provide great dirt and chemical protection. Quartz can also be combined with other media such as WT Vinyl Chips for a unique look.

Typical applications include: Laboratories, locker rooms, bathrooms, high-end residential, foyers, healthcare facilities, vet clinics, and similar institutions.

Sold in 50 lb bags. Coverage will vary depending on application style, but in general expect 1 lb per square foot.

Please Note: Coverage rates vary depending on customer preferences and application techniques. Walttools cannot guarantee coverage rates of broadcast media due to many variables. Order extra if in doubt.

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