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Single Bowl Oval Copper Sink KS-909

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$130.00 each Weight: 10 lb

It's like taking a step back in time to the baths of the ancients when the 909 copper sink is on display. This distinctive oval bowl is crafted by the hands of fine artisans. Its attractive hammered finish provides a mask for small scratches which could occur over time. The 909 has the option of being mounted over or under the countertop. It is constructed from a single piece of 99% pure mined copper; and its appearance will change over time as oxidation slowly produces a surface coating known as a patina. With an overall measurement of 16 3/4" x 13 3/4" x 5 1/2", it will require a minimum-width cabinet of 18".

Undermount Installation - What most people are doing here is creating a knockout from dense foam board insulation. To create this, trace the opening of the sink on the foam and cut it out. You will probably need to glue two pieces together so it is 2 - 3" thick. You can then shape the bottom of it with sand paper so it fits snug in the sink. Next, wrap the edges in some packing tape so they leave a smooth impression in the concrete. Once the sink is in place, place the foam knockout in the sink and place a bead of silicon caulking around it just like we do with our sink form. This will seal everything up and keep it in place. After the concrete is poured, you can bust out the foam to reveal your sink opening.

Drop-In Installation - An opening can be created with the backwall form to drop this sink into. First, trace the drop in template onto the cement board. You can then form around this with the backwall form. To get it to bend, you will have to cut notches in the backwall form with a pair of snips or garden sheers. The backwall form can stay in place as the flange on the sink will cover the form.

The grid drain fits well with this sink.

Concrete Countertop Solutions sells only top quality sinks made from the highest industry standard materials. All of our sinks and faucets are guaranteed to be comparable in quality to similar, higher priced models from name brand companies such as Kohler Elkay or Blanco . So how can we sell them at such an affordable price? We have partnered directly with the manufacturer to cut out the industry high mark-ups and pass the savings along to you!

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