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SpiderLath - Countertop SPRLTHE-CT

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$59.99 each Weight: 10 lb

SpiderLath is a breakthrough lath system for the construction industry that is a perfect match for the vertical artisan.

  • Reduced Labor Costs – SpiderLath can be installed in about ½ the time that it takes to install metal lath.
  • Corrosion Free – Will not rust or corrode. SpiderLath is made from molten fiberglass and coated with Zirconium dioxide.
  • Easy to spread mortar on – SpiderLath uses a twisted weave and has a smooth, stiff coating.
  • Easy to transport – Weighs only 10 lbs per 100 sq.ft. roll. 
  • Easy to use – Cuts with scissors or a knife. Lath scratches and cuts are eliminated.
  • Client friendly - Reduce risk of damage to client home interiors common with bulky metal mesh.
  • Stronger Wall – Encapsulating SpiderLath with cementitious material gives you a fiberglass reinforced coating that is strong and flexible.
  • Versatile – Can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Strong enough to use with heavy weight products such as 3-4 inches of typical vertical carved concrete.
  • Outstanding as lightweight reinforcement for concrete countertops with excellent improvement of tensile strength.
  • Sold in rolls, 2 x 50 ft. 
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