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TI Epoxy HP (3 GAL Kit) SLR-EPX3GL

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$169.00 each Weight: 30 lb
Brand: Walttools Walttools

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Walttools Epoxy HP is a highly-durable, two-part, decorative coating designed for stained concrete floors, countertops and other decorative concrete surfaces where a hard-wearing surface is a must.

the formulation has been tweaked to provide much better leveling properties for that glass like finish and extended working time.  Adhesion is also improved with these changes.  Use alone or with the Essential Primer as the base coat with more moisture prone surfaces. This two-part system is simple to apply, and it provides excellent protection and enhancement to decorative surfaces. Excellent for using chips, quartz, and metallic floors.

  • Cycloaliphatic formulation for higest performance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Enhances surface colors
  • Long pot life
  • Durable finish
  • Non-yellowing indoors
  • ZERO V.O.C formula
  • Coverage of 225-325 sq ft per kit (based on porosity and surface profile)
  • 3 gallon kit



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Product Reviews:
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We have used a lot of epoxy over the years. Too fast, too slow, too thick, too thin, too pricey. We just deal with it because that is the way it is. Finally, just right. Great pot life, almost no air. Flattens out like glass. We only tested a 3 gallon kit but we will be back for more.
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Saw this pop up online. I've used several manufacturers but was not aware of these guys. All I can say is that it was a nice find. This stuff flattened out way better than anything I've used. Price was also decent but they didn't seem to cut corners on this like another bargain product I tried. Shipping took longer than I thought but that was a UPS issue.
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The dry time listed are alittle off I poured in 75 degree house and it took alot longer to dry. That being said this stuff lays out like glass.
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Epoxy that seems bubble free? I never thought I would see it but this epoxy really goes down so clean and easy. I wish it was in gallon jugs for smaller jobs but this helps keep the cost down I suppose. I may just start trying metallics again with this product.
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We called and talked to an informative person at this place to give us an overview of doing our garage floor. We had a friend with a grinder to clean up the top and then we were on our own. This review involves a few products. The Essential Primer, the Epoxy HP, Gray tint RZ and the Acrithane. The good news, it all worked great. The bad news, we have neighbors who want it now. It really was an easy process if you don't panic. All the products did what we expected after we talked to them in detail. The Acrithane dried faster than we expected so it left lines. We just did another coat and it took care of it. Just be sure you have a few days in a row to do this type of project because it needs to be done in consecutive stages/days to work properly.
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After a lot of years in the coatings industry, I've had the opportunity to work with and use a large volume of different products from many manufacturers.
This has given me a unique perspective to truly understand the differences between these brands, and what it is I am looking for from a professional install perspective.
Having had the opportunity to use Walttools HP Epoxy, I can say that it has the professional qualities that I look for in a brand. American made, this product has virtually no smell factor, laid down with zero outgassing bubbles, and the flow rate for creation was top notch. Another factor I appreciate was cure time, as every project I used it for cured completely by the following morning, so we could continue our next steps to completion.
I give this brand and product high mark's, and I will be recommending it to all of my associates in this industry!
Thanks Walttools for a top notch product!
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