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Utility Red | Integral Color Concrete Pigment INT-UTILR

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$18.00 each Weight: 11 lb

Integral Color: Utility Red

(medium red)

Designed for coloring concrete used in utility work for proper identification when digging. Integral Colors are sold by the yard and are to be used ONE BAG PER YARD unless otherwise noted below. For example, if you want khaki concrete and have 7 yards of concrete to pour, then you order 7 units of Khaki.

These color swatches represent shades of Integral Colors based on a medium gray, medium tone, gray Portland cement. These colors are to be used as a guide only and may not represent the final color based on a variety of factors. Concrete color will exhibit different shades based on the type of cement, aggregate, and various admixtures included in the mix. It is always recommended that you pour a test slab that is customer approved before proceeding with the final job.

The safest way to work on a jobsite is to locate the exiting underground utility lines before beginning any excavation. Underground electric should be clearly marked, but construction codes are frequently ignored, which can result in job delays, or in the worst cases, accidental death when coming into contact with live, unmarked lines with heavy machinery. Nearly all municipalities are requiring utilities to be encased in concrete that is colored throughout for long term visibility. Walttools Utility Red is one of those colors.

When utility trenches are backfilled, it may only be the superintendant that knows the placement of utility lines. Property owners are usually not aware of the utilities buried on the site. Locations marked on drawings can easily be distorted over time. By marking buried utilities with long-lasting color, it will ensure the safety of future excavations. This gives an accurate visual warning to operators and their crew. Breaking up concrete that is live with power can lead to devastating effects. Don't take chances with the lives of others.

Pre-packed in 11# bags, sold as one bag per yard for convenience.

Bulk pricing available. Just call.

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