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Z Aqua Tint (Dye) AT-001_29

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$39.00 each Weight: 2 lb

Z Aqua Tint (Dye) Colors

Concrete Countertop Stain

1qt. (946ml) per bottle. Will cover approximately 75 - 100 sq ft

Z Aqua-Tint is a water soluble concrete dye formulated for use on concrete counter tops. It can be applied to polished, troweled or textured concrete. Z Aqua-Tint will duplicate the performance of solvent based dyes while eliminating the dangers of flammable solvents. When cured, Z Aqua-Tint exhibits the same long lasting beauty as traditional dyes. Z Aqua-Tint comes in a variety of colors that can be mixed to create nearly any desired tone. 100% countertop safe. 

Aqua-Tint vs Aqua-Stain UV

Z Aqua-Tint dyes are fine pigments that are many, many times smaller than what is contained in stains.  These pigments actually go into a solution with dyes rather than a suspension as with stains. This makes Aqua-Tint the ideal solutions for a very tight finished countertop that has a burnished steel trowel or highly polished (past 400 grit) surface. The nature of dyes allows them to penetrate into the concrete almost regardless of the “openness” of the surface.  A rough analogy is the stains are a form of paint, and dyes are more like an ink.

Concrete dye particles do not exhibit good light fastness.  In other words, they tend to fade in sunlight.  That makes Z Aqua-Tint dyes a poor choice for outdoor concrete that is in direct sunlight. For outdoor applications, it is safer to use Z-Aqua-Stain UV.


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