Concrete Countertop Sealers


Sealing is the most problematic and misunderstood aspects of making concrete countertops. Concrete is very porous, so it’s prone to stains other blemishes, but we can help.

In a perfect world, your countertop surfaces would be (1) stain-, heat-, and scratch-resistant, (2) easy to clean, (3) food-safe, and (4) always look perfect. There are types of countertop materials that may meet all of these requirements, but it can definitely be a challenge to make countertops that fit each and every one of them. 

When deciding on concrete tops, you should decide on what is most important and choose a sealer that gets you closest to what you want. Some sealers enhance color, stay natural, are glossy, are matte, are thick, are thin, are good indoors only, are more abrasion resistant, etc. Walttools concrete countertop sealers will provide protection and the look you need.

Please contact us and we can help you choose the best sealer for your job.


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