Seamless Concrete Texture Rollers

Concrete Stamp Rollers: The Easiest Way to Add Texture to Concrete:

Walttools seamless concrete texture rollers are an incredibly versatile tool for concrete texturing. They can be used for small areas such as borders and touch-ups, up to full-size patios and driveways.  They can produce texture quickly and efficiently, something that is important in the warm summer months.  Do you stencil?  There is not a better tool for adding texture allowing you to give the same stencil design multiple looks. How about overlayment?  Rollers again are perfect, allowing you to get texture on the surface faster than waiting to get out there on stamps. Slate and stone are the hallmarks of the concrete texture industry and seamless rollers amply provide these textures.

The large 24″ styles are perfect for the larger areas. The 9″ are great for touch-ups on your stamp jobs, borders, step treads, overlay and microtoppings.  Smaller texture rollers have recently begun to find their way into the stamping contractor’s tool kit because they are the ultimate convenience to pre-texturing around the edge of a pour and for touch-ups. Additionally, those rollers are the tools of the trade for the vertical concrete industry.   The larger rollers come with a bracket and the small ones work on a common paint roller frame.

Texture rollers can be used with either a colored powder release agent or a clear liquid release. The liquid release is the most popular option with border rollers if you plan on custom staining that border after stamping.

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Concrete stains have changed a lot over the recent years and applicators have more product choices than ever. Like any product, each kind of stain for concrete will have both advantages and limitations. Concrete stains are categorized by type, including water-based acrylic stains, acid-based chemical stains, and other reactive stains. Concrete stains can be used to produce both contemporary and rustic finishes of floors, countertops, and even walls. Cement stains are applicable for both interior and exterior construction and can be used with new concrete or older existing surfaces. Concrete stain can be used to customize your concrete surfaces, whether you’re looking for a rustic, modern, or antique look. Whether you use a concrete stain inside or outside, you deserve a product you can rely on. The benefits of using Walttools’ high-quality concrete stains are easy application, low maintenance, and low color fade. Choose from our variety of products to meet your concrete needs best.

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