Slate Concrete Stamps

Stamps are an economical alternative to expensive traditional materials. In addition to the relatively lower cost, you get the durability and maintainability of concrete along with the look and feel of slate. It’s not limited to slate, though, as stamped concrete can mimic other materials like brick, flagstone, tile and wood, to name a few examples. Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner looking to create DIY designs, slate concrete stamps will help you achieve desired designs at a low cost and with ease.


Level up your Slate Concrete Stamps with Staining and Dying
When you choose slate concrete stamps, staining and dying is a great option that brings any project to the next level. At Contractor Source, we have a variety of Tru Tint Dye to choose from including Tru Impressions Accent Release Powders, Tru Hue Integral Color, or Tru Tique Wash. Our Tru Tint Water Based Stains and Tru Tique Wash can be used with water as the carrier giving them an edge over dyes that require specific solvent based carriers. Our antiquing agent or color wash can be applied to unsealed stamped concrete to provide a secondary color like traditional antique release agents.