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Transform Your Hardscape With Concrete Stamps

When hardscape projects come to mind, teams tend to imagine spending hours carefully laying uniform bricks or various size stones and tiles. Fortunately, Contractor Source can help your team save time and resources on hardscape projects when you utilize our high-quality concrete stamps. These stamps create realistic impressions that make individuals question whether they are looking at concrete or the real thing.


          What Makes Our Concrete Stamps The Perfect Option

          Our simple and easy to use patterns allow your team to complete projects faster without cutting corners or sacrificing quality. Better still, these concrete texturing tools are always backed by our lifetime warranty.

          While you have a number of options for your concrete stamps, few others will be able to match the experience, manufacturing, and superior finishes Contractor Source is able to provide. Whether you are looking to start growing your set of concrete texturing tools or simply need to make an upgrade to your collection, our company has you covered.

          Experienced Application: Our Crew

          Our experienced crew make up the brilliant minds behind the sets and designs you need to create the best concrete stamp patterns. Because we’re experts at using decorative concrete stamps, you can have peace of mind knowing the stamps you purchase will perfectly fit your needs. Our knowledgeable staff understand what works in practical application. With their recommendations and valuable feedback, we have created concrete texturing tools that allow your team to work efficiently during projects.

          The Best Tools: Our Manufacturing

          A concrete stamp is only as good as its manufacturing process. At Contractor Source, we use only the highest quality polyurethane to create our concrete stamps and other concrete texturing tools. This ensures the distinct patterns will last for years to come, even with extensive use. Furthermore, we use real materials to create the patterns you see in our concrete stamps. This ensures the patterns you place in concrete will actually mimic the same look and feel as natural stone, brick, or wood.

          Superior Finishers: Our Finishing Products

          When it comes to concrete stamps, you will be hard pressed to find the same variety of finishes at the quality our company provides. From wood and cobblestone to brick, slate, and stone, our concrete stamps are engineered to create a long-lasting design in concrete. Once the solid (rigid) stamps are placed in the concrete, you can utilize a range of our soft (flexible) mats to create perfectly smooth edges and details. Our state of the art colorant, sealants, and coatings are the high quality finishers you expect from an experienced supplier.

          Whatever you need to complete your concrete projects we have available to you.

          Our Concrete Stamp Products

          When you trust in Contractor Source concrete stamp products, you will gain access to the highest quality concrete stamps, rollers, skins, and flex mats you need to create breathtaking designs. We offer a range of concrete texturing tools that allow you to create the exact aesthetic your clients desire in their newly poured concrete or in their existing concrete that needs a facelift.

          Custom Concrete Stamp Shop

          The design team at Walttools has the ability to bring all of your custom concrete stamp design ideas to life. From custom logo concrete stamp tools to full-on custom concrete stamp designs, we can work with you to get that idea from 2D to 3D and then, into concrete!

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          How Concrete Stamps Support Your Application Needs

          We understand that you need tools that fully support your project from start to finish. It is not enough to simply have concrete texturing tools that create beautiful, life-like designs. We have used our real world experience and recommendations to engineer the best concrete stamps on the market. When you utilize Contractor Source concrete stamps, you can rest assured that you are using better tools than your competitors.

          Economical Project Materials

          Whether you already have concrete texturing tools in your collection or are just making your first purchase, we understand that budget counts. This is the very reason we offer as few as one stamp and as many as 18 stamps in each set at competitive price points. If you find you need additional concrete stamps to efficiently complete your projects, you can always come back and purchase one or more sets when you need them. We strive to provide the highest quality products at the industry’s best prices. Our prices are competitive with the market, but our quality is unmatched by other manufacturers’. After you use Contractor Source concrete products for the first time, you will immediately recognize the return on investment (ROI) your team will experience over the years.

          Durable Stamps With Lifetime Warranty

          Since we engineer our concrete texturing tools with only the highest quality polyurethane, these concrete stamps are built to last. It is easy for materials to take a beating on the job site. With our concrete stamps, you can be sure they will handle the occasional knick or bump. Furthermore, all of our stamps come with a lifetime warranty against material defects and failure through normal usage. If a product is defective or fails to work, please do not hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable associates. We will go over the details of your warranty and explain the process for getting a new replacement product sent out to you.

          Low Maintenance for Your Team

          After a long day of laying and stamping concrete, the last thing you deserve is a long clean up process to maintain your concrete texturing tools. All of our stamps are incredibly low maintenance even after years of use. All you need to do is simply rinse the stamps off before the concrete dries to maintain them. To ensure the maximum lifespan of our concrete stamps, it is recommended to store our polyurethane concrete tools out of direct sunlight. Tools left in direct sunlight may not be covered under our lifetime warranty, so please be sure to store them correctly.

          Suitable For Indoor and Outdoor Applications

          Due to their manageable size, Contractor Source concrete stamps can easily be used for inside and outside projects. Whether your team is working in residential or commercial spaces, you can easily transport these stamps to any jobsite. These stamps will help create the exact pattern and aesthetic you desire to create.

          Increase Your Client’s Curb Appeal

          Both residential and commercial clients desire increased curb appeal in outdoor areas. With concrete stamp products, your team can create realistic designs in concrete. Once the concrete designs are dry, they are easy to keep clean. Unlike wood, brick, and stones, concrete only needs to be rinsed with water and occasionally pressure washed to maintain a beautiful look.

          Low Color Fade

          When using real wood, brick, and stone, color fade is inevitable. The sunlight bleaches these organic materials and decreases their beauty overtime. Fortunately for your clients, concrete stamps have minimal color fading over time. In a few years, their stamped concrete will look just as fresh as the day it was completed. Whether you opt to use Tru Tique concrete color wash, a concrete stain, or concrete dye, your clients will be able to enjoy the beautiful design and color for years to come.

          Simple Return Policy

          When you order from Contractor Source, you can have peace of mind that your order qualifies for a simple, easy return policy. So long as the product is new and unopened, you can receive a full refund if you return your product within 14 days of delivery. If the return is due to an error on our part, we will even cover the return shipping cost. Once we receive your return order, your refund is processed quickly. If you would like to place a new order during that time, our team is happy to assist you with finding the next product that fits your application needs.

          Knowledgeable Associates Available

          If you have any questions or concerns about what concrete stamps to order or need to know the status of your order, the Contractor Source team is ready and available to assist you. We have knowledgeable associates available to answer your email or phone calls Monday through Friday. We are committed to providing you with complete satisfaction on every call, email, and order. This is 100% guaranteed!

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