Hardscape Systems LLC


Just what is Hardscape Systems? 

Hardscape Systems LLC is a patent pending system that allows you to create fast and easy seatwall configurations using EPS foam in much less time than when using conventional materials. Less time means less labor, which means you can now pick up those clients that were just out of your range of services before.

EPS foam has been used in the concrete industry for over 35 years. It has proven to be a reliable and dependable insulating material since the 50’s and has more recently been shown to have unlimited design potential. It is considered a green building material, and can improve overall structural durability despite its light mass.

Despite its advantages, working with foam at the field level can still be cumbersome, as non-linear structures can sometimes require an extensive amount of cutting in order to complete specific designs such as an S-shaped seat wall. Hardscape System’s patent-pending design solves that issue. Our unique seatwall system employs a number of precision relief cuts into specific pieces that will allow one to flex the foam to make a curved wall without any complicated cutting. If you are incorporating a cap for the wall, that is just as easy. No complicated cutting of pieces to fit or pre-casting pieces offsite to use later. Your top can be poured in place in the shape you want with no difficult cutting, forming or aggravation.

Hardscape Systems is sold in packages (units) of 24 linear feet. This will include the bases, tops, and rails to construct the wall. There are many optional items that can be purchased to adapt your seatwall to the given needs, including countertop mixes for the cap, vertical concrete mix for the stone facing, edge liners or the cap profile, stains for color, sealers, etc. This is a versatile system that can make use of almost any vertical overlay product, concrete countertop product, cultured stone, stucco, etc.

For a a detailed video overview of how to use the hardscape system to construct a wall click HERE.

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