Precast Concrete Molds


Walttools has four new urethane pre-cast molds that each provide exceptionally detailed concrete bench creations. The initial four models being released cover a variety of styles and sizes to fit almost any landscape environment. Unlike other precast systems on the market that leave one side non-textured, the designs from Walttools are meant to be viewed on all sides and are fully detailed on all visible planes. The initial models replicate stacked brick, natural slate, re-purposed barnwood, and flagstone. The wood and flagstone models can even be mixed-and-matched with their tops and bases.

Urethane molds are ideal for landscapers, hardscapers, and concrete contractors since they are portable and can be used with leftover concrete (waste) on many jobs. It is very simple to build stock of the items in the off season to offer to your future clientele.

Walttools precast pieces are quite notable. They are as visually striking as they are functional. What better way to define a public space, downtown square, revitalized streetscape, mass transit station, or commercial property than by selecting the perfect outdoor precast concrete bench? Choose from traditional rustic, to uniquely modern, to pure organic designs. All are fairly simple to create and allow for a tremendous amount of personalization for client taste.

Why precast concrete?

  • Offers substantial weight and strength
  • They can be finished in dozens of ways
  • Assembly is simple
  • They will provides years of trouble-free service

Walttools uses high-quality urethane for all precast molds for many, many uses without failure. The material provides the perfect mix of strength and flexibility to enable easy production. Precast molds provide flexibility for installers. They can be taken onsite for use on current jobs with the extra concrete making a Walttools precast piece an easy add on to the completed job. By using integral color, or acid and water-based stains, you can tailor the piece to the current hardscape and/or the client’s desired look.

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