Concrete Flex Forms

plastic forms pic smDecorative concrete designs are becoming more creative every day. More and more projects incorporate various curves and radiuses, which has created the need for highly flexible forms. Contractors who want to form curves have managed to use many homegrown methods such as cutting grooves wood forms to allow for bends or use bendable metal. The most common is to use masonite since it does bend easily.

Unfortunately, these options can be time consuming to prepare and they rarely last more than a job or two due to permanent warping and damage. Flexible concrete forms from Walttools are reusable plastic forms that are intended to make this process much easier.

They come in convenient 8 ft lengths and can be secured to traditional wood or metal stakes. The height sizes are 4 inch, 5 inch, 8 inch and 12 inch, so they cover anything from sidewalks to curbing. What is great about them is that concrete really does not stick to them making for quick removal. They are incredibly flexible and can produce tight curves. Once clean, simply store them flat and stacked for next time. They can be used over and over with both nails or screws.

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