Polyaspartic Floor Coating - Polyaspartic 85

Walttools Polyaspartic 85 Coating is designed to be easier to use for installers. This high solids polyaspartic aliphatic polyurea(or PAP) coating has an extended pot life and cure time yet still allows a quicker return to service than epoxy and urethane. Polyspartic 85 is a great all purpose final coat on many projects including garages, basements, commercial flooring and concrete countertops. This provides great protection on quartz flooring, vinyl chip flooring and metallic pigment flooring and does so without the worries of most similar products out there.

  • Pot life of 45 minutes
  • Simple-to-use, two-part sealer provides a durable, long-lasting, high-gloss finish
  • Exhibits the best of abrasion, chemical, and heat resistance compared to other decorative coatings and sealers
  • Penetrates and beautifully enhances decorative color designs
  • Sold by 3 part kit kit (2 parts A and 1 B)
  • Coverage ranges from 200-400 sq ft per gallon depending on coating application
  • Serves as excellent high-gloss, ultra-durable finish for concrete countertops

Polyaspartic Coating Kits

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