Concrete Release Agents

Concrete Release Agents

Concrete Release Agents are used as bond breakers when stamping and texturing fresh concrete with Walttools stamps, seamless skins or texture rollers. Liquid release is typically used when a plain surface is desired, or when working indoors or sensitive areas such as near a pool.

Walttools Powder Accent release is a hydrophobic powder that is broadcast onto the cement surface just before the stamping process is to begin. This can be used with Tru Hue Integral colors and Walttools Dust on color hardener to create contasting accents on your surface. They are also compatible when you using the various Tru Tint systems available to you. Accent release colors can be combined for even more color contrast to your decorative concrete stamp projects. Walttools accent release is most often used in outdoor projects where the powder residue is of less consequence. Powder release is also great for decorative vertical concrete carving projects. In that case, the release on not broadcast on the surface, it is only coated on the tools being used.

As a note, Liquid Release can be tinted by adding a small amount (a few ounces) of the powder accent release to a gallon of the liquid.  This will leave a bit of color behind and will provide some nice contrast.

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Concrete stains have changed a lot over the recent years and applicators have more product choices than ever. Like any product, each kind of stain for concrete will have both advantages and limitations. Concrete stains are categorized by type, including water-based acrylic stains, acid-based chemical stains, and other reactive stains. Concrete stains can be used to produce both contemporary and rustic finishes of floors, countertops, and even walls. Cement stains are applicable for both interior and exterior construction and can be used with new concrete or older existing surfaces. Concrete stain can be used to customize your concrete surfaces, whether you’re looking for a rustic, modern, or antique look. Whether you use a concrete stain inside or outside, you deserve a product you can rely on. The benefits of using Walttools’ high-quality concrete stains are easy application, low maintenance, and low color fade. Choose from our variety of products to meet your concrete needs best.

Walttools recommends using these products for your concrete stain projects:

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