Water-Based Sealers



protect concrete sealer on counter topWater-Based concrete sealers have come a long way compared to the sealers of ten years ago. They continue to evolve and improve every year. New dispersion techniques, nano particles, new polymer synthesis, and a host of performance enhancing additives among other factors make water-based concrete sealer a viable choice today. Water-based sealants are typically low VOC and don’t have much of an unpleasant odor. Many water-based concrete sealers can compete and even match many solvent-based sealers. They can keep water, oils, and other elements out of a concrete slab or pavers. Water-based sealer products can be formulated for longevity too. The possibilities with a water-based acrylic or silicone sealer are almost limitless. As evironmental concerns grow, this industry will move more and more to a water base and near zero VOC.

Water-based acrylic concrete sealers are used to seal driveways, patios, walks, pavers, cure and seal, or interior flooring. They go down easy, dry fast and are economical. Water-based silicone concrete sealers are long-lasting chemically bonding products that can be used on drives, walks, patios, porches, pavers, and interior flooring. Keep in mind, many water-based sealing products can used to seal natural stone or common brick as well as be a good cure and seal.

At Walttools, we have invested many years into developing environmentally friendly, efficient, high performance, cutting edge technology. We offer this advanced technology for less than the rate most manufacturers charge for the same stuff they have been selling for twenty years. The water-based sealer products available a decade ago easily degrade leaving your concrete unprotected from salts, acid rain, stains, etc. in a very short time. Anti-slip materials can also be used with water-based concrete sealers

There are hundreds of water-based sealer products online – and it seems like everyone says theirs is the best, or claims the sealer will do things it cannot. I can tell you at Walttools we are very diligent with our formulation testing and quality control. Our goal is make you a satisfied long-term customer or a long-term referring DIYer. Look over the product details and application data on each concrete sealer product for further details. Thanks for taking a look and the team at Contractor Source looks forward to helping you with sealer selections or any technical questions you may have.


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