Water-Based Sealers

Our water-based concrete sealer is the low-VOC, high-performance you need to complete your concrete project. Whether you need to complete one client’s concrete project or 10 clients’ projects, we have the sizes that can meet your exact needs.

What are the differences between a solvent-based vs. water-based concrete sealer?

A water-based concrete sealer provides a low odor alternative to traditional solvent-based sealers. With these water-based sealers, you can avoid messy, lengthy clean ups in the event of a spill. Since the sealer is water-based, it is easily cleaned up with a water and rag.

A water-based sealer works by being applied to the concrete. Since water is mixed in with the polymers that form the hard layer, the water will eventually evaporate. When the water evaporates, the molecules move closer together and form a hard, glassy surface.

The water within the solvent ensures there are minimal odors, which makes it safe to use in low ventilation areas. Additionally, the low-VOC properties make application even easier. Rather than having to purchase metal sprayers or specific brushes, a general paint roller or plastic sprayer can be used with confidence to apply the product.

Unlike solvent-based sealers, water-based sealers are milky (light white) in appearance. This can make it easier to see where the product has been applied. However, the final appearance isn’t as glossy as solvent-based sealers. Those who prefer a less glossy appearance can purchase water-based concrete sealer in matte varieties, as well.

Solvent-based sealers will darken the surface more than water-based. Water-based formulations can perform as well or better than solvent-based sealers.

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