Tru Tint Resin Tints - Tru Tint RZ

Tru Tint RZ is a potent line of colorants designed to provide rich permanent colors with a variety of our high-performance resins suchs as our Epoxy HP, Essential Primer, Polykoat 85, AU 85, Acri-thane and our line of solvent acrylic sealers. They are designed to provide an opaque finish and used primarily with decorative media systems such as quartz, viny chips and metallic pigments.

Loading of the pigment will vary depnding on the chosen resin and the desired intensity. The pigment is packaged in 6 oz quantities, the amount required to tint a common 3 gallon epoxy kit to an opaque finish.

To use, first blend both your A and B componants seperately to make sure no separation has occurred.  Then add the tint to the A side of your kit and blend for one minute with a low speed drill mixer and proper paddle. When combining both the A and B, mix again for two minutes before applying to the surface.

NOTE. Pigment opacity is based on loading.  Epoxy is placed at 75-150 sq ft per gallon. If using in a sealer and applying at a thinnner rate, for example 300 sq ft per gallon, you will need twice the amount of pigment to acheive a similar opacity.

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