WT Vinyl Chips

WT Vinyl Chip is a decorative, seamless flooring system consisting of a moisture tolerant basecoat/primer, a high-performance resin broadcast coat, your choice of chip color blend, and a durable topcoat. This type of floor will ensure excellent wearability characteristics with great stain and chemical resistance. They require minimal maintenance. WT Chips come in several color blends and can be used in a partial or full broadcast, or even combined with other broadcast media such as WT Quartz for a unique look.

Typical applications include garages, showrooms, lobbies, locker rooms, retail stores, and similar institutions.

Coverage Information:

  • For full broadcast: 6-10 sq. ft./lb
  • For partial broadcast: 25-200 sq. ft./lb

Please Note: Coverage rates vary depending on customer preferences and application techniques. Walttools cannot guarantee any coverage rate of broadcast media due to variables. To be safe, order a bit extra if unsure.

How To Use WT Vinyl Chips

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