Tru Lustre Metallics

Tru Lustre Metallics are special effect pigments composed of nano mica-particles coated with various pigments to create pearlescent, irridescent, 3-D metallic look that can can be used to create a multitude of special effects on most surfaces. This system typically calls for a dark tinted primer coat, metallic infused 100% solids epoxy, and then a durable top coat such Walttools AU 85. When the metallic particles are mixed with a suitable coating they give the coating a shine that reflects light and creates and eye-catching dramatic color. The finished surface is a smooth, almost glass type finish that implies incredible depth with unique reflective qualities. The great thing about metallic is that they can look very different if using a light primer color under them than a dark color as normal.  It is a good idea to experiment to see the differences and howyou can use them.

*  Twice the potency of competitive products
*  Easy to add, mix and apply
*  Variable measured quantities for desired results
*  Completely customizable
*  Suitable for many surfaces
*  Cost effective
*  Low maintenance

Tru Lustre metallic pigments are used on a variety of surfaces such as concrete flooring, concrete counter tops, prepared laminate counter tops.

Real world examples are: Showrooms, Garage floors, Restaurants, Lobbies, Dance floors, Casinos, Churches, Entertainment Centers, Museums,  Retail Store Floors, Malls, Big box floors, Basements and Rec rooms. Anywhere that a unique lustrous finish is desired.
Metallics are the most artistic flavor of the decorative concrete world.

How to order?

Our Tru Lustre Pigments are designed to be typically added to 3 gallons of 100% solids epoxy coating at a standard rate of 2 ounces per gallon.  In the case of  Epoxy HP, a typical kit is a three gallon kit so 1 units or 6 ounces will be appropriate.  The standard application rate of epoxy is 75 -100 square feet per gallon. This thickness will ensure the Tru Lustre Pigments can work their magic. Once the epoxy is applied, the pigments start to move and create their patina in a matter of minutes.
Though epoxy is the most typical coating, the Tru Metal pigments can be used with great results with many other coatings.  These include polyaspartics such as Polykoat 85, polyurethanes such as AU 85, solvent AND water based acrylics. 

Bear in mind that the thickness of the coating greatly determines the density and 3-D affects of the coating. What that means is that a typical acrylic sealer is applied at approx 225-250 sq ft per gallon.  To get the same density and a typical metallic epoxy application at say 75 sq ft per gallon, you will three times as much Tru Lustre pigment(6 ounces per gallon)for a similar affect.  If the sealer you chose gets a coverage rate of 150 sq ft per gallon, then you will need twice, or 4 ounces of pigment per gallon.

How To Use Metallic Pigments

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