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Colloidal Tru Hard

Colloidal Tru Hard Densifier is your go to densifier and concrete treatment for bringing out the best results in your polished concrete or polished overlayment. It is sold as a potent concentrate that you add to 4 to 8 parts potable water to make ready to use material. Colloidal Tru Hard Densifier is a state-of-the-art concrete hardener and densifier made up of nano silica particles and other chemical and mineral enhancers used to prevent dusting and increases durability of concrete slab floors.

Colloidal Tru Hard is designed to be used in the process of concrete polishing to seal, increase sheen, reflectivity, and beautify concrete floors. It works by reacting with concrete deep throughout the slab, blocking up the capillaries to prevent water transmission by forming a permanent insoluble gel barrier, and reacts with unused cement to form more concrete on a micro scale. It will also perform extraordinarily with concrete slabs that are decades old.

  • Prevent concrete dusting
  • Shown in studies to reduce or eliminate radon
  • Permanently fills porous capillaries of concrete to create a permanent bond that makes concrete harder and less porous
  • Concentrated for best value
  • Meets all VOC regulations
  • Low viscosity and smaller molecular size provides deeper and more complete penetration
  • Will not discolor, blush, or peel over time
  • Reduces operating costs through increased ease of maintenance and cleaning
  • Significantly reduces water permeability

Colloidal Tru Hard Densifier is recommended as a densifier where long-lasting, dense concrete is desired, including big box stores, warehouses, factories, schools, and residences. It is also used as a densifier and moisture vapor blocker prior to the application of cementitious overlays, epoxy coatings, and traditional flooring materials. As a densifier used in the floor polishing process, Colloidal Tru Hard will provide a better polishable surface, thus its will improve gloss and clarity.

Typical coverage is 250-350/gallon first coat, second coat 350-500/gallon (optional depending on the surface).

If using on old concrete as a densifier, recommended water dilution is 4:1

If using with SLP overlayment, recommended water dilution is 9:1

If using as Trowel aid, dilution is 9:1

NOTE: Not recommended to use with Acid Stains.

See product data sheet for more info


Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 14 in

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Low Gloss, Natural, Pentetrating


Brush Finish, Countertops, Densifying, Flooring, Indoor, Outdoor, Outdoor Countertops

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