Concrete Rescue Microtopping

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Microtoppings are specialized overlay materials that are typically designed to be put down in very thin coats. They are used primarily to refresh (usually interior) surfaces that are very sound, but are old and discolored. A new layer allows easy staining and rejuvenation. Concrete rescue is designed for resurfacing a multitude of surfaces from scaling brush finish concrete to warehouse floors to distress concrete countertops.

Not all microtoppings are created equally, as with all products. Luckily, you have found Concrete Rescue microtopping resurfacer and decorative concrete topping. This durable and versatile mix may be your best friend in the future. Concrete Rescue has been used in hundreds of residential and commercial environments with success and ease of application. Concrete rescue is an all-in-one bag mix designed to provide you with a new concrete surface for interior or exterior use. Concrete Rescue thin concrete overlay can be brushed finished, troweled, stamped, knocked down, skip troweled, or textured with a roller. It can be sanded the next day to get rid of imperfections and give additional surface effect for staining.

Concrete Rescue is typically used to improve the look or restore an existing floor or other concrete surface such as a concrete countertop. Thin concrete overlay or “microtopping” can be used on old or new concrete surfaces. The new concrete canvas created with Concrete Rescue Microtopping can hide blemishes, minor cracks, tiny pitting and other displeasing aesthetics. While it may take a professional to trowel the thin concrete overlay perfectly smooth, an average DIYer could lay down, create a tile pattern, texture, and even color a microtopping. Integral color, Stains and dyes may be used to color Concrete rescue. Powder or liquid release if necessary for texturing or stamping may be used. Microtopping overlays must be sealed after completion to protect from abrasion. WBU or Ultrathane products are durable polyurethane topcoats for Concrete Rescue or our Stampsheen 350 or Deco 2K.

Concrete Rescue Micro-Topping may be utilized in a variety of different thin concrete overlay applications:

  • Custom floor tile patterns created with taping
  • Repair of stoops, drives, and patios
  • Brush finish
  • Skip-trowel floor finish
  • Slate tile, marbled, or travertine simulation
  • Venetian plaster wall coating
  • Commercial floor coatings
  • Thin concrete resurface repairing
  • Solid color floors
  • Blank canvas for eco-stain
  • Faux wood grain
  • Screened-In patios
  • Kitchen & living area floors
  • Thin vertical overlay with adpack

Concrete Rescue has the unique charactersitics of acting as a self-level topping but one that can actually be retroweled with minimum fuss. This makes it not only versatile, but the least difficult choice in a microtopping product.


prop 65 - silica - sm.jpg


Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 18 in


Repair/Resurface, Stampable overlay

Compatable With

Color Pacs

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2 reviews for Concrete Rescue Microtopping

  1. Chris Post

    So Easy. Multi Purpose Application, very versatile, very strong, and comes in white.

  2. Welcomb

    Easiest product I’ve worked with in twenty five years, seriously.

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