Hardscape Systems Unit – 24ft

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Product Description

The Hardscape Unit is a package containing 24 ft of modular foam sections (6x4ft) and 7 bags of Structure Coat material integral to the system. This is the patented flexible base, the coordinating flex top, and the bendable rails, all in 4 ft sections.

Structure Coat info can be found here.

This is a heavy package and will require freight. Call for rates.

The Unit Consists of:

  • 6 Flex Bases
  • 6 Flex Top Trays
  • 14 Bendable Rails
  • 6 Connectors
  • 7 Bags of Structure Coat

Weight approximately 450 lbs.


Weight 450 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 48 in


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4 reviews for Hardscape Systems Unit – 24ft

  1. William England

    This is the best seating system out there, cost effective for the customer, profitable for me.

  2. Chris Post

    Hardscape systems is an awesome system with unlimited profit potential.

  3. Jody Smith

    I have created many seat walls the old school way with the cinder block method and after using the Hardscape System I’m very happy there is this thing called innovation! This system is so easy its a no brainer!

  4. Brett Kacelek

    Loved this system, easy to use, a good product. Have had great success.

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