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LC-001 Z Liqui-Crete Add Mixture

Z Liqui-Crete contains a proprietary blend of specially formulated additives and ultra-fine acrylic fibers that will transform a 60 lb. bag of standard concrete sand mix into a high-strength flowable concrete mix that easily flows through the 1″x1″ FG50 Fiberglass Mesh grid. The mix is easily troweled smooth and yields a high-strength fiber-reinforced countertop.

*Z Liqui-Crete should be combined with a concrete sand mix (Quikrete Sand/Topping, Sakrete Sand Mix) in a 5 or 10-gallon bucket using a paddle mixer. Concrete drum mixers will not produce consistent results.

May also be combined with a standard 60 lb bag of concrete as well.

Six boxes mixed with six 60 lb prebagged mixes will yield 23.4 sq ft in our standard forms and about 14.5 sq. ft. in our taller commercial forms.

See the video below.

Step 1 – Mixing: In a large mixing container or 5 gals. bucket, combine 2 quarts of water, 1 Z Liqui-Crete pack, and any optional integral colors. Mix for one minute. Next, slowly add in a 60 lb. bag of CONCRETE SAND MIX and up to an additional 3 quarts of water. Mix thoroughly with an auger or paddle type mixer for approximately 2 minutes, or until all ingredients are completely blended. An additional one or two cups of water may need to be added to obtain a thick batter consistency. The water volume will vary slightly depending on the pre-bagged sand mix. DO NOT overwater. It is always safer to err on the drier side. Pre-bagged mixes which contain larger aggregate can be used but may require slightly less water.

 Step 2 – Pouring: Concrete can be poured into forms starting at one end of the countertop and working to the other. A screed should be used to level concrete and make sure it is even with the top of the forms. Additional concrete may need to be added to certain areas where concrete dips lower than the height of the forms.

Step 3 – Floating: Once an initial set is recognized you may begin to trowel concrete with a magnesium float. In a controlled temperature and humidity this will most likely be 1-2 hours after the concrete is placed. Light to moderate pressure should be used to achieve a nice and level preliminary finish. Be careful not to drag or pull concrete out of place. The magnesium float will leave the surface with a porous texture. This is key to allow air and water to continue to escape from the concrete as it cures.

Step 4 – Finishing: Once all bleed water has evaporated and the concrete is very firm, you will use a steel trowel for the final finish. Again, the amount of time will vary depending on a number of factors but will most likely be around the 4-5 hour mark when using the Liqui-Crete admix. You can test the concrete by lightly pressing it down with your finger. A light touch should not leave a fingerprint nor will wet concrete stick to your finger. A very firm press will leave a slight indentation. At this point, use the steel trowel with moderate to firm pressure to smooth the concrete to a slick surface. Once the finish is satisfactory, let the concrete cure for 48 hours before removing forms or sanding.

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