Medievil Cobble | Concrete Stamp Set – 8 pc

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Medievil Cobble

Concrete Stamp Set – 8 piece

Set includes: 6 rigid stamps, 1 floppy stamp, & 1 touch-up skin

Break from the traditional cobble patterns and really go old world with this departure from the norm.  With various sized well worn cobble stones placed in a random pattern, this really makes a statement in almost any placement.

  • Very detailed stones with a medium depth grout joint.
  • Two patterns to increase variety and reduce repetition.
  • Dimensions: 24″ x 38″

Medievil Cobble Pics How to Use Medievil Cobble Stamps How to Stamp Concrete FAQ 



Weight 108 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 38 × 5 in


Stamp Set Size


Horizontal, Overlay



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1 review for Medievil Cobble | Concrete Stamp Set – 8 pc

  1. Aaron Fox

    These stamps worked just fine and did exactly what they were made to do… excellent job guys

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