Polyaspartic 85 – Polyaspartic coating


  • Pot life of 45 minutes
  • Simple-to-use, two-part sealer provides a durable, long-lasting, high-gloss finish
  • Exhibits the best of abrasion, chemical, and heat resistance compared to other decorative coatings and sealers
  • Penetrates and beautifully enhances decorative color designs
  • Sold by 3 part kit (2 parts A and 1 B)
  • Coverage ranges from 200-400 sq ft per gallon depending on coating application
  • Serves as excellent high-gloss, ultra-durable finish for decorative floors and concrete countertops
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Product Description

Polyaspartic 85 Coating

The new zero VOC formula is designed to be easier to use for installers. This high solids coating has an extended cure time and still allows a quicker return to service than epoxy and urethane. Polyspartic 85 is a great all-purpose final coat on many projects including garages, basements, commercial flooring and concrete countertops.

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Polyaspartic 85 Coating is an effective way to protect your high traffic areas in your garage, commercial flooring, basement floors, and concrete countertops. The new ZERO formula is easy to use making it a breeze for installers. This is a high solids coating that exhibits requires an extended working time.

Even though the working time for Polyaspartic 85 is longer than normal, it still allows a return to service turnaround time than either urethane or epoxy. It is a great all-purpose final coat that can add the final touch that makes your surface sparkle and shine. Once the coating has cured, the durability of the topcoat is unmatched when compared to other brands.

Polyaspartic 85 is extremely versatile. Both tints and textures such as chips and granules can be added to create the type of surface coating that you want for your surface area. It can be as plain or as vibrant as you like. If you choose to add a textured media, it can turn your floor into a non-slip surface that is ideal for use on decks, garage floors, and commercial floor spaces. The options you have available to you are endless

Polyaspartic is durable and easy to maintain

Polyaspartic 85 is extremely durable and easy to maintain. It is not porous so it will not stain or become discolored. Once it is applied to your surface, it seals out moisture and any other liquid that could result in discoloration. It will also seal out any other form of fluid such as oil or grease. The durability of Polyaspartic 85 coating will also resist chips and dings that can occur with daily use. It will also resist damage caused by heavy cabinets or shelving units.

When it comes to maintaining your flooring or other surface areas, Polyaspartic 85 coating is easy to maintain. You can wipe it down with a damp, soft cloth or spray it down with a disinfectant or antibacterial spray. For times when there is a lot of dirt or grease, hot soapy water can be used to clean away almost any type of dirt and grime. Even high traffic areas will hold up to daily cleaning under the most stressful times.

Polyaspartic 85 Floors Can Be Textured for Slip Resistance

Commercial flooring, basements, and garage floors are areas where slipping and tripping are common, especially if there is any moisture on the floor. Various texture items can be added to the coating to cause it to become slip-resistant. A few of the most common textures include:

Adding these textures can create the desired level of roughness that you can rely on to create a non-slip surface. If quartz is used, patterns and even possibly the company logo can be embedded into the surface for an added touch of color. It will make your flooring stand out and is a great way to reinforce your brand.

Calculate How Much Polyaspartic 85 Is Required For Your Project


Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 in

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Resin Types

Polyaspartic System


Color Systems, Countertops, Flake Systems, Flooring, Indoor, Metallic Systems, Outdoor, Quartz Systems, Topcoat

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What is polyaspartic coating?
Polyaspartic coating is made of aliphatic polyurea. It is a solid coating that cures quickly and gives the appearance of a shiney, continuous floor (without seams). It is extremely durable and with additives can be made non-slip. Polyaspartic coatings are corrosion-resistant and work well when used over metal too. Its durability also makes it a good choice for various flooring uses, especially commercial flooring and garages.
What is the difference between Polyaspartic 85 and traditional Epoxy?
Epoxy is similar to Polyaspartic 85 in some ways. They are both a good option for floor coatings. Our Polyaspartic 85 is very easy to use and has a two part sealer. Epoxy can take up to 16 hours to completely cure. Polyaspartic 85, on the other hand, can take only two hours, thickly it is applied and the size of the surface that is covered making it ideal for a fast turnaround for businesses.
Can you put polyaspartic over epoxy?
Polyaspartic coating can be applied over existing epoxy as long as the epoxy has firmly adhered to the substrate surface. Polyaspartic coating serves as a sealant. It dries quickly, often within an hour or two, and will provide a solid, extremely durable surface that will protect what is underneath.
How do you install polyaspartic floor coating?
Polyaspartic floor coating is typically poured then spread with a large squeegee, metal blade, or even a high quality roller. The surface to be covered must be dry and not emit any moisture. "Once you start applying the coating, you will need to move at a steady pace in sections., keeping a wet edge."


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