Seymour Midwest Replacement Spikes for Resinous Coatings Shoe – Blunt


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Shoe-In Replacement Spikes for Concrete – Blunt

Sharp spiked style 3/4″ – for resinous / epoxy floor coating installation. Mark-free installations. Sharp or rounded replcement spikes are available. Concrete Finishing & Resinous Floor Coating Shoes. It’s never been easier to install epoxy coatings or self-leveling and decorative overlays. With a patented design, Shoe-In® Pro shoes are a fantastically simple and affordable solution with multiple applications. Applications Include:Installing Epoxy Coatings, Installing Concrete & Screed Floors Including Decorative Overlays, Industrial Environments, Renovations or Removals, Any Area Where Flooring Needs Protecting. Slips on in seconds, hands free! Put an end to frustrations with straps, buckles and adjustments on traditional floor finishing shoes. Comfortable, goes over your existing shoes or boots. Stays snug whether you’re standing or kneeling. Wide base for stability. Time Saving: allows you to take protective shoes on and off as needed to get the job done.


Weight 1 lbs


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