Slate Roller – 18 inch


Product Description

Fast and easy texturing for concrete, overlayment, and microtoppings has never been easier than with the new lightweight texture rollers from Walttools.  At just 6 pounds each, they are a breeze to handle on the surface.  Gentle pressure is all that is needed to get a uniform texture and then an easy lift off the surface.  No other help needed unlike large cumbersome rollers or skins. Easy to roll out imperfections and lines.  Uses common release agents just like stamping. These are the first rollers on the market well suited for microtopping as much as concrete.

Light southwestern slate texture

Multi directional

18″ long

Assembled with bracket

Threaded for broom handle or small thread from bull float handle

Easy clean up

Get creative by layering other textures

Multiple textures available




Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 20 × 10 in





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1 review for Slate Roller – 18 inch

  1. toph51nv

    I am a serious DIY homeowner with some concrete experience (probably have poured 6 or so pads in my lifetime). I bought this as an alternative to a stamp for my 4′ wide sidewalk. I ordered my concrete to be colored color clay from my concrete supplier and used dark walnut release. The results were awesome!! A few tips: 1. I went to lowes and bought a few bags of quikcrete and formed up some 2′ x 2′ x 2 inches forms and practiced. 2. I found the best time to stamp is when your finger will make a imprint on the top, but not come out wet. 3. Be very liberal with the release in your application. 4. Go over the area in several directions, similar to painting a wall. The only area that I don’t love the results is where I just went over once. 5. Go in multiple directions, don’t just go back and forth across your pad, go at angles and arcs. I wish I could upload a picture so you could see the awesome results!

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