SLP Self Level Polish Overlay Mix

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Product Description

SLP –  Self Level Polish Overlay

Flat out the best polishable overlay available. SLP is a high performance, fast setting, self-leveling, cementitious overlayment designed for polishing applications. SLP quickly levels and maintains work-ability for up to 20 min, bonds well and produces a tough, long wearing surface. SLP can be applied from 3/8” to 2” in a single lift and up to 4” if extended with a proper aggregate such as pea gravel. SLP is ready for light foot traffic in 3-4 hours, can accept floor coverings in 8-12 hours and can be polished in 24 hours. When ground and polished, SLP is designed to mimic the appearance of polished concrete. SLP excels as a floor repair patch and can be color matched to most existing concrete surfaces.

Unlike competing products, SLP is very easy to polish and less abusive to your diamonds, yet still provides a hard, non-shrink, polishable wear surface. SLP also does not portray the artificial surface look that other brands can do.

  • Walttools SLP Self Level Polish Overlay mix
  • All-in-one mix design, just add water
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Proprietary polymers formulated for excellent strength and bonding
  • 15-20 min self level working time
  • Natural concrete mimic
  • 50 lb. bags
  • Coverage at 3/8″ is 16 sq ft


prop 65 - silica - sm.jpg


Weight 51 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 5 × 12 in


Polishable, Repair/Resurface

Compatable With

Color Pacs

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8 reviews for SLP Self Level Polish Overlay Mix

  1. DML

    This was an excellent find. I do not do much overlay polishing and when I do, I have only had success with Trupc. This overlay was excellent. I have not had an easier installation. This polished much easier than Tru ever has. I saw a facebook post about it and it was the truth. It was only 475 sq feet so in all fairness it was mild test but I will be using it again. It looks just like concrete which was something Tru never did. A gem.

  2. shinysurfacesLLC

    Great product Walttools. Beats the crap out of ardex that I just cannot polish worth a darn. This popped easily and looks as good as a polished concrete slab.


    Excellent results with this polishable overlay. This is way easier to cut than the rapid set product. Looks great too. Thanks for the sample of the guard. Great combo.

  4. Jeff

    We use this for quick patching. It looks pretty much like concrete and I can get a grinder on it in a couple three hours.

  5. Dwayne Evans

    THis is HALF the price compared to what is available to me locally(only CTS). Even with the freight on two pallets I saved $10 a bag. Thats $1000 on a 1500 sq footer. I will take that anytime.

  6. Raymond Grinds

    We have polished slabs for years but are just now experimenting with overlays. We have tried a few and find them to look too artificial. This overlay hits the look we want. We were easily able to runs some small sample slabs with color added too. it is a nice effect. It is fairly fast so be prepared. We got a out 12 minutes for work time.

  7. Iowa Concrete Polishing

    We drive about 3 hours for this stuff. Why? Because it is worth it and it saves on freight. This is a great little company and this overlay should be nationwide. Hopefully they get it there.

  8. Chaz Leiter

    Polished overlays are quite the challenge. Even so, I much appreciated the tech support from these guys. I went into this pretty blind but it turned out well. I put down about one half full inch without filling in some deeper depressions allowing some aggregate to sink too low creating plain spots after grinding. Lesson learned. I was warned. Thank you all.

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