Stacked Arch Brick Bench Precast Mold Set


Product Description

A precast mold set that will create variable sized, rock solid, heirloom bench. Each leg is composed of a beautifully arranged stacked brick arch that gracefully extends skyward to create the backrest support. This bench will look great in a variety of places including parks, storefronts, and homes.

This mold set has a left and right leg, and is designed to be stamped on the open side of the mold (inner) to provide a perfect 360 degree texture on the pieces, something not done from any other precast systems. This gives complete realism to the piece. 

The installer can choose the length of the bench by cutting the chosen lumber to desired the length. One can use 1×2 inch or 1×3 inch of a chosen outdoor hardwood. The included threaded inserts are installed into the mold setup before pouring and accept a set of included flush head Allen screws (hardware kits available separately also). The benches can be colored in any manner desired.

  • Assembling the bench on a flat surface will ensure bench stability
  • The bench provides a positive posture and is comfortable for people of most height ranges
  • This polyurethane mold set can be used over and over without worry of fatigue and failure
  • The two piece (4 with stamp covers) mold set weighs 180 lbs and requires a large, flat, and sturdy surface for proper pouring
  • Concrete can be a choice of high-strength countertop mix such as Tru Kast, or use Tru Pac C ad pacs for the best of high-performance and value
  • Reinforcement of concrete to industry standards recommended



Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 36 × 14 in

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