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Product Description

Structure Coat is a pre-blended, all-in-one, a high-strength cementitious concrete mix designed for use as a build coat and scratch coat on surfaces that will be treated with a carvable finish coat such as Tru Pac X or V.

Structure Coat contains a proprietary resin designed to offer extreme adhesion to EPS foams, combined with the correct mix of flexural strength, rigidity, and shrink resistance, especially beneficial in foam applications. The properties of the structured coat allow it also to be a superb concrete patching and repair mix. This ultra-high performance material, with its outstanding bond strength, can be used for a variety of repair situations or maintenance including spalls, cracks, curbs, ramps, sidewalks, steps, retention vessels, potholes, mortar, parging, block repair, etc. Though heavy in fiber, Structure Coat can be troweled smooth and even stamped and/or textured, if needed. It is the best choice for surface repair before placing your specialized finish coat, such as Walttools Concrete Rescue.

  • Can be applied by trowel or appropriate spray device
  • Does not require the use of a primer
  • Tri-component reactive fiber system for improved tensile strength
  • Quickset and cure time to allow for faster project turnaround
  • Excellent as a patching compound for concrete repair

The best choice when working with foam bases for your vertical projects. It will create an extremely hard shell that immobilizes incidental movement that could result in cracks and failure.

prop 65 - silica - sm.jpg


Weight 51 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 12 × 6 in


Repair/Resurface, Stampable overlay

Compatable With

Color Pacs

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7 reviews for Structure Coat

  1. Red Pepper

    I can heap praise on many different products but there is one product I will not be without. STRUCTURE COAT. Structure coat, from Walttools. Easy to apply over many surface types and exceeds expectations as a scratch coat. Will not consider a project without it,

  2. Haley Construction

    This stuff is bulletproof. I have used many typical repair cements and they cannot come close to the toughness of this. 5 stars.

  3. RobertsconstLLC

    I used this for my own driveway repair. Excellent. I work for MDOT in the winter season. If we repaired roads with this stuff, some of us could be out of a job. It’s that good.

  4. Hartman Concrete

    I have never worked with such a hairy mix. Perfect for scratch coating a block wall. Not a fissure to be found. Not cheap, but a bargain compared to a failure.

  5. DMJ Enterprises

    If you are doing any sort of large-scale project you deem critical, go with structure coat. We only do large scale commercial projects such as zoo and museum exhibits and have been nothing but impressed with this product. We have tried many stock products from others as well as some “custom products made” for us from large manufacturers and they just can’t do what this does. For small scale stuff it may be overkill but that is not our gig.
    Whatever you do, make sure you clean this stuff off your equipment as wants to really stay where you put it.

  6. Micheal Carlos

    5 stars because it is the toughest concrete product I have ever used. I should only give it 1 star because it ruined my wheelbarrow.

  7. g-factor

    I honestly didn’t think this product could leave up to the hype that it has received, well it pains me to say, I was wrong.

    This stuff is super strong and it should be because it is as hairy as a porn star from the 70’s. It sticks to were it is applied and it does not like to come off once it has dried. We just used it coat about 50 linear feet of 2′ x 2′ EPS foam (will be used for dogs to play and chill out on at a “Dog Day Care”) before TruPac-X was placed and carved. Is it cheap, nope. Is shipping free, nope (it makes you cringe). Can you sleep at night after the job is done because you KNOW there will never be an issue, Yep, AND that is worth its wait in gold. This product was made for the people and companies who like to do things right the first time.

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