Three Rivers Ashler Stone | Concrete Stamp Set – 18 Pc


Product Description

Introducing the Three Rivers Ashler.  A stone ashler stamp design that contains more surface texture than any stamp before it.  It will allow your colors and antiquing products to really be shown off in the best way possible. The hand cut Illinois limestone will make a perfect surface when you really need to rich, custom look of hand laid stone tile.  If you are tired of the same slate ashler look found everywhere, change it up a bit.  Care was taken to provide a range of joint width as with natural stone.

  • All new design departing from the usual slate ashlers.
  • Designed from hand picked stone tiles.
  • PLENTIFUL stone texture.
  • For indoor or outdoor applications.


Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 8 in
Stamp Set Size








How many stamps do I need for my project?
Take the dimensions of your project and figure out which direction you will run your stamps. Next measure what your longest run will be. Ideally, you want enough stamps to cover your first row and 2 stamps for the second row. This way you will always be interlocking the stamps and not just trying to line up the grout lines by eyesight. For example, if your patio is 12×20 feet and you want to run your stamp pattern in the 12-foot direction, you will need enough stamps to line up for 12 ft and then a couple more stamps for the next row.


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