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When your concrete is poured, an epoxy concrete sealer/coating can ensure the final product matches your aesthetic and lasts for years to come.

Walttools Epoxy HP (epoxy floor coating) is a highly durable, two-part, decorative coating designed for stained concrete floors, countertops and other decorative concrete surfaces where a hard-wearing surface is a must.  The epoxy floor coating formulation has been tweaked to provide much better leveling properties for that glass-like finish and extended working time.  Adhesion is also improved with these changes.  Use alone or with the Essential Primer as the base coat with more moisture-prone surfaces. This two-part system is simple to apply, and it provides excellent protection and enhancement to decorative surfaces. Excellent for using chips, quartz, and metallic floors.

  • Cycloaliphatic formulation for highest performance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Enhances surface colors
  • Long pot life
  • Durable finish
  • Non-yellowing indoors
  • ZERO V.O.C formula
  • Coverage of 50-75 sq ft per kit (based on porosity and surface profile)

Warning label for Epoxy Floor Coating

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in

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Resin Types

Epoxy System


Color Systems, Countertops, Flake Systems, Flooring, Indoor, Metallic Systems, Quartz Systems

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What is a 2-part Epoxy coating?
Epoxy requires a chemical reaction in order to fully harden and bond to a surface. In order to create the reaction, epoxy must be mixed in two parts (often labeled A and B). Epoxy cannot be mixed together until it is ready to be applied. The epoxy concrete sealer must be applied quickly and evenly in order to achieve the desired result. Epoxy cannot be saved for later use once mixed. Smaller batches of A and B can be mixed together when working with larger surface areas. Before applying epoxy, any areas that should not be covered should be taped off and covered with paper or a tarp. The amount of prep time that is dedicated before mixing both parts will ensure a smoother, easier application. Epoxy will dry and bond to whatever surface it is applied on, so one must be careful when applying the product. Should any dripping occur, a rag can be used to wipe up the excess epoxy. Solvent, usually xylene or paint thinner, is needed for cleaning up. In addition to care when applying, proper ventilation is required. Epoxy can cause irritation and sensitivity in the respiratory system. When proper ventilation cannot be obtained, a respirator should be worn by anyone in the space. Epoxy can be used for numerous applications. Some of the most common surfaces to use epoxy and epoxy concrete sealer include basements, garages, warehouses, gyms, industrial buildings, salons, restaurants, retail, restrooms, car dealerships, and commercial spaces.
What are the benefits of using epoxy over other applications?
Epoxy provides numerous benefits over other applications. Since epoxy concrete sealer dries completely hard, it offers high performance and safety. The almost glass-like finish is impressive to glance upon and it is resistant to scratches. Furthermore, the epoxy is slip resistant once it is dried, so it is perfect for floors, countertops, and other surfaces. A vinyl chip or colored quartz application will reduce slip further. With epoxy concrete sealer, there is minimal maintenance. Epoxy can last for years before the idea of replacing it needs to be considered. Epoxy is also easy to clean with mild cleaners, which adds to the easy maintenance. Unlike paint or concrete stains, epoxy is truly designed to last. The chemical reaction that creates the hard, glossy surface produces a beautiful finish that will last. Regardless of the application, the epoxy concrete sealer will ensure your project maintains an exceptional appearance.
What options make epoxy unique?
With epoxy, you gain a world of freedom you often cannot experience with other applications. Our epoxy concrete sealer can have gold flakes, quartz, and metallics mixed into the product. Rather than layer on top, the add-ins are perfectly blended with the epoxy. As it dries, the added materials are fully encapsulated and protected by the hardened epoxy. The surface will remain perfectly smooth while the light catches gold, quartz, and other metallics in the sealer.
What makes Walttools Epoxy HP a superior product?
Our Walttools Epoxy HP is superior to other epoxies and sealers because of the dedicated engineering that goes behind every product. We use only the highest quality materials and best manufacturing practices to ensure every can of our epoxy is consistently high quality. Epoxy Hp has a long pot life in normal conditions and is easy to lay down, bubbles are practically non-existent. Besides excellent mechanical properties it is easier to apply.


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