TI Tru Grip Sealer Additive (16 oz)

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Product Description

Tru Impressions Tru Grip is a micronized, polymeric powder added to film forming sealer to improve slip resistance. It will work in both oil-based and water-based sealer products to reduce the danger of slipping on those surfaces. It’s the best method for increasing slip resistance. These fine, rough-shaped pieces of plastic are light enough to remain suspended in the sealer and they are translucent (clear). The particle size in Tru Grip is optimized for maximum slip resistance with minimum effect on the surface.
  • Tru Grip is of low-density and has a lightweight composition, which helps eliminate settling in low viscosity (thin) sealers or stains
  • Round, spherical shape provides optimum abrasion resistance, gloss control, and is less abrasive when compared to common silica-based texturizing agents
  • Typical applications include patios, pool surrounds, sidewalks, porches, walkways, inclines, or garage floors
  • Will not yellow or alter the surface color
  • 16 oz container treats 5 gallons of sealer


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 4 in

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4 reviews for TI Tru Grip Sealer Additive (16 oz)

  1. Felix Houzer

    I added this to my sealer and it made a huge difference. It looks the same but it is just not slippery now. Can’t believe I can walk on a wet patio now.

  2. Maria Rockledge

    It works really well but it should really be sold in a smaller amount. I bought a gallon of sealer for a small porch. It did not want it slippery so asked about what to do. They suggested this product but it is only sold in an amount for 5 gallons of sealer. He told me I could just measure out a small amount. I tried to pour what I thought was about a fifth of the container in my gallon of sealer and because is it was so windy it blew everywhere, even in my pond. Please sell smaller containers with funnels! Thank you

  3. Gladen

    Easy to add and use. Just pour it into the 5-gallon sealer bucket, stir, and apply. It cut the gloss down just a bit, but cuts the “oops I slipped” down to almost nothing.

  4. budro5573 (verified owner)

    This works really well. It stays in the sealer leaving no slick areas.

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